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InspirAction is a non-profit organization committed to eradicating poverty and injustice by partnering with vulnerable communities to transform structures and systems which make and keep people poor.

Zaza (real name: France Lorenza Milord), lives in Torbeck, Haiti.  
Zaza is 8 years old. She lives her mum, dad, brother and two sisters. The area she lives in was devastated by the 2016 hurricane (Matthew). Thousands of homes were destroyed. Zaza’s home was also partially destroyed. After the hurricane, they lived without a roof for five months.   
Christian Aid partner, Koral, provided the family with a new zinc roof, cash, seeds and a water filter.  
Zaza is lucky enough to go to school. Many of the kid’s in the area cannot afford school fees and are only ably to attend occasionally.   
Her favourite subject is Bible studies. She enjoys playing hide and seek, skipping and 'mothers' with her friends, she would like to be a nurse when she grows up.


Inspiring hope and inciting Action for change through accountable and transformative partnerships.
August 2017.  Altino Melo shows a cassava root in the Serrinha Quilombola community in the state Pará, Northern Brazil. Cassava is the main produce grown by the Quilomobla communities in this remote area of Amazon. Cassava flour, made from the root of the plant, is used for a variety of food products, from breads, puddings, fried chips and is added to other items as a supplement. Surplus yealds of cassava flour are sold to the local municipality for use in local schools. This scheme was negotiated by the Quilombola cooperative, founded with the help of our partner CPI. This work is funded by ITL funds.


InspirAction’s vision is to end poverty and inequalities for all.
Lis Joanna, 8, is one of Francisco's daughters. Though she feels safe in her new home, she misses her belongings which were lost in the flood. Many of friends, who once lived close by, are now scattered across the forest (as families sought to move to higher ground) and she sees them less frequently.


InspirAction’s values are based in a progressive Christian theology, calling us to service those in need.