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Lis Joanna, 8, is one of Francisco's daughters. Though she feels safe in her new home, she misses her belongings which were lost in the flood. Many of friends, who once lived close by, are now scattered across the forest (as families sought to move to higher ground) and she sees them less frequently.


InspirAction’s values are based in a progressive Christian theology, calling us to service those in need.

  • Love and Compassion – We are called to love and care for one another, extending compassion, respect and a desire to learn from our work and relationships with communities not merely to offer funds and programs.
  • Dignity – We are charged to respect all of humanity to overcome divisions between people be they based on gender, sex, race, economics, identity, belief or culture.
  • Justice – We are convinced that injustice and inequalities prevent people from reaching their potential. Therefore, a pursuit of justice and equality in our relationships with partners and communities require different ways of working in relief, long-term development, and advocacy. This justice-based approach allows us to accompany people in a manner that responds to their specific needs, and the particular obstacles they face in their journey of sustainable development, security and independence.
  • Partnership and Cooperation – Our work is rooted in the spirit of transformative partnerships. We work with like-minded organizations, and seek innovation, trust and accountability in our work with foundations, governments and private sector.
  • Accountability – We are accountable for our use of resources entrusted to our care to ensure their positive impact on peoples’ lives. We work to ensure the highest levels of transparency at every stage of our transactions from donor to individual benefactor. We work with our partners to measure our impact, ensuring that the money we spend is maximized for the benefit of the communities we serve.
  • Sustainability – We are committed to being effective stewards of the planet’s scarce resources. All actions, programs and activities undertaken with our name consider the multifaceted possible social, economic and environmental impacts on future generations.
  • Care for Creation– We believe that our planet’s climate is rapidly changing as a result of human kind’s exploitation of natural resources and wanton CO2 emissions. We work with partners to adapt to the changing environmental conditions, and to mitigate the negative impacts of increasing severity of catastrophic climate events. We also work with, and seek to influence, industry, policy and public opinion to recognize the urgency for action to combat climate change for future generations and to sustain biodiversity and all of God’s creation.