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Traditional Guarani music troop in a São Paulo village supported by CA partner CPI.

What We Do

Our work roots our world view and interventions in the needs of communities around the world. These needs are identified through our partner organizations, most who work at the local level, and are part of the communities that they serve. In the United States, we work with a wide array of partners, supporters and fellow non-profit organizations in our effort to raise awareness on the root causes of poverty and inequalities, to raise funds to support programs and interventions that are creating opportunities for people and communities to escape cycles of poverty and to aid them in realizing the world they want to see.

Partners come from the private sector, religious sector, philanthropic sector and anyone who is #Inspired4Action!

We engage in this work by:

  • Engaging the business community in developing more inclusive market opportunities for grassroots enterprises that shift power into the hands of the poor and excluded people so that they can work their way out of poverty.
  • Activating and convene change-makers within various faith, policy, and advocacy communities to promote large-scale solutions that will diminish the effects of climate change on vulnerable peoples.
  • Supporting projects implemented by our partners with cash, expertise, advocacy and solidarity.
  • Building solid and lasting relationships with supporters, partner organizations, faith-based groups, social movements, and local communities to further the vision of a just world free of poverty and help curb the rampant growth of inequalities.