| Partnerships : Letter from Chair of Christian Aid Board of Trustees

Letter from Chair of Christian Aid Board of Trustees

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Christian Aid

Dear friends

On behalf of the board of Christian Aid I would like to extend a warm welcome to supporters of InspirAction USA.

In 1945 the churches if Britain and Ireland responded with compassion and generosity to the needs of refugees and displaced people in Europe which had been devastated by war. Over the 70 years since our creation we have gone on to respond to the needs of our sisters and brothers in some of the poorest parts of the world. Today we work in over 40 countries providing both humanitarian relief and working for long term sustainable change. We see this as a mutual partnership for change in which all parties express our deep sense of the dignity and worth of all people.

As chair of the board of Christian Aid, I have been delighted to support the initiative of Christian Aid to reach out in new ways to potential supporters to fund this important work in a spirit of partnership. The launch of InspirAction USA in 2015, inspired into being by Christian aid, opens a new chapter in the story of our ongoing journey. Together, we seek to tackle the root causes of poverty and respond in compassion to the needs of our neighbours.

Christian Aid and InspirAction are independent organisations but we share a common vision, mission and values. Christian Aid’s international department has a strong track record for programme performance and impact. Your support through InspirAction will enable us to achieve deep and lasting change in the lives of people living in poverty and enable us all to become more the people God calls us to be.

With warm wishes


Lord Williams of Oystermouth
Former Archbishop of Canterbury
Chairman of Christian Aid